Running Away from Home

Running Away From Home

Originated by Jerome Bruhm.
Compiled by Jerome Bruhm and Michael Wills.

The following is a list of out-of-province races in which members of our Nova Scotia running community have participated.
This list is, by no means, complete. It includes mainly information that has been forwarded to us by runners throughout Nova Scotia.
If you have participated in a road race, ultra marathon, triathlon, duathlon or significant track meet, anywhere in the world outside the boundaries of Nova Scotia, and would like to have it included in the list, please forward the details to Michael Wills at:
This database will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. We depend, totally, on your input.
Please be sure to provide all requested information.

a) Runner’s name
b) The race name and distance
c) Town/city where the race was held
d) Province, U.S. State or Country where the race was held


Burnco Calgary Marathon, Calgary: Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee
Calgary Miracle Marathon, Calgary: Steve Moores
Calgary Stampede Marathon, Calgary: Kevin Cox, Tom Harmes, Kristiana Stevens
Canadian Rocky Mountain Half Marathon, Canmore: Chris Anderson
Coureur de Bois 10k: John Mark Earle
Edmonton Festival Marathon, Edmonton: Kevin Cox, Sandy McKenna
Forzani's 10K, Calgary: Rayleen Hill
Jasper to Banff Relay: Claudia Blakeney, Sherry Carson, Bryan Darrell, John Mark Earle, Chris Hollebone, Ena MacPherson, Peter MacPherson
Jasper Spring Run-off 10k: John Mark Earle
Jingle Bell 8-K Run, Edmonton: Sandy McKenna
Kananaskis Relay: Sherry Carson
Lethbridge Marathon, Lethbridge: Kevin Cox
Twilight Marathon, Edmonton: Dave Nevitt
Vermillion Ultramarathon, Vermillion: Ken Doucette
World Masters Games Half Marathon, Edmonton: Tom Harmes, Michael Wills
World Masters Games 10k, Edmonton:  Michael Wills (silver medal)

British Columbia
BC Masters X-Country Championships, Vancouver: Sherry Carson
Bowen Island 10K, Bowen Island: Minh Tan
Burnaby Lake Half‑marathon, Burnaby: Minh Tan
Centipedes X-Country, North Vancouver: Sherry Carson
Coho Salmon Run, North Vancouver: Minh Tan
Colonist Times 10K, Victoria: Peter Quinn, Darlene Quinn, John Quinn
Comox Country Roads Marathon, Comox: Kristiana Stevens
Delta Half Marathon, Delta: Sherry Carson, Minh Tan
Edge to Edge Marathon (Tofino to Ucluelet), Ucluelet: Steve Saunders
Flatland 10K, Richmond: Bob Brake, Jerome Bruhm, Sherry Carson,  Jim Harpell, Mike Snow, Albert Stadlin, Minh Tan, Ted Worthington, Pam Currie-Yarr
Flatland Marathon, Richmond: Ken Doucette
Garden City 10K, Victoria: Sherry Carson
Gay Games III Marathon, Vancouver : Richard Richard
Haney to Harrison Relay, Haney-Harrison: Sherry Carson, Minh Tan
Haney to Harrison 100k. 2004: Bruce Barteaux
James Cunningham Seawall Race (6 miles), Vancouver: Minh Tan
Longest Day of the Year 10K, Vancouver: Minh Tan
Okanagan International Marathon, Kelowna: Sherry Carson, Minh Tan
Penticton Ironman Marathon, Penticton: Eric Helson, Shawna Murdock-Moore, Steve Saunders
Post‑to‑Post 10K, Vancouver: Minh Tan
Royal Victoria Marathon, Victoria: Kristiana Stevens
Seymour Demonstration Forest Half‑marathon, North Vancouver: Minh Tan
Summerfast 5K, Vancouver: Min Tahn
Timex Canadian 10K Championships, Richmond: Peter Beazley, Sean Best, Sherry Carson, Andrew Ernst, Rayleen Hill, Louise LeDuc, Ena MacPherson, Neil Manson, Carolyn McDairmid, Steve Morley, Brian Rogers, Kirk Sabean, Holly Whitman
Vancouver International Marathon, Vancouver: Sherry Carson, Rob Clark, Ken Doucette, Barabara Fox, Karen Hughes, Brian MacDougall, Karen Paley, Smartex Tambala, Minh Tan, Cyril White
Vancouver International Half Marathon, Vancouver: Teresa Mills-Clark, Minh Tan
Vancouver Sun Run, Vancouver: Sherry Carson, Minh Tan
Victoria Firefighters 10km, Victoria: Kelly Prendergast
Victoria Marathon, Victoria: Sherry Carson, Kevin Cox, Susan MacDonald, George Pothier

Manitoba Marathon, Winnipeg: Deane Hennigar, Dave Nevitt, Don Todd
Manitoba Half Marathon, Winnipeg: Deane Hennigar
Timex Canadian 10K Championships, Winnipeg: Denise Robson

New Brunswi​ck
Atlantic X-Country Championships, Moncton: Sherry Carson
A.U.A.A. X‑Country Championships 10K, O'Dell Park, Fredericton: Vance Kruszewski
Marathon de la Baie des Chaleurs, Charlo: Barry Fisher, Jim Harpell, Bill Roblee
Beat the Train race, Hopewell Cape(5k): Jim Mason
Canada Day 5K Road Race, Ormocto: Norm Tinkham
Canadian Perfection 20K, Moncton: Robert Englehutt
CFB Gagetown Marathon, Gagetown: Don Todd
Chipman 5K, Chipman: Deane Hennigar
Festival by the Sea 5 Miler, Saint John: Carole Thompson

Festival By The Sea Half Marathon, Saint John: Amy Bennet, Charles Bishop, Tracy Brown, Terry Burt, Sherry Carson, Sean Dauphinee, Brian Doiron, Janice Edey, Colleen Fidgen, Michelle MacFarlane, Michelle Forbes, John Frizzell, Kathryn Hamilton, Deane Hennigar, David Hersey, Erryl Hines, Dave Hiscock, Roy Hopkins, Leah Jabbour, Mary Jamieson, Glenna Jenkins, Joan Kearney, Leo Kennedy, Patrick Lee, Teresa Mills-Clark, Jim Morrison, Minna Muinonen, Dena Murphy, Mike Murphy, Brian Murray, Francine Naluzny, Andrew O’Brien, Joanne Oosterveen, Chris Paley, Karen Paley, Carrie Punna, Satish Punna, Laura Roblee, Larry Shipp, Shawn Smale, Carole Thompson, Don Todd, Cyril White, Ray Williams

Festival By The Sea Marathon, Saint John: Mike Amiro, Brian Anderson, Mike Bailey, Roger Boutilier, Chris Chisholm, Roger Churchill, Mary Clark, Andrew Crowell, Shaun Dauphinee, Charlene Doucette, Steven Dunn, Bruce Dunphy, Barry Fisher, Patricia Fogarty‑Pearce, David Fulton, Heather Goodfellow, Luc Guillette, Brian King, Elise Hagg, Tom Hahn, Marlene Henry, Kurt Heckel, Erryl Hines, Christopher Hollebone, Linda Ivany, Mary Lou LeClair, Gillian Lynch, Brian MacDougall, Rod MacIntyre, David MacLennan, David MacLeod, Michelle McDonald, Glen Melanson, Kelly Melanson, Steve Moores, Heikki Muinonen, Bruce Murray, Christina Murray, Dave Nevitt, Gerry Parker, George Pothier, Richard Richard, Beverly Robertson, Bill Roblee, Wayne Rose, Steve Snow, Minh Tan, Daniel Villeneauve, Stacey Williamson, Joseph Wilson

Fredericton Half Marathon, Fredericton: Curtis Faulkner, Georgie Gillis, Tammy Hiscock, Karen Hughes, Leo Kennedy, Lorna McNeil, Ray Moorehead, Steve Morley, Malcolm Pain, Marilyn Pincock, Al Pottier, Laura Roblee

Fredericton Marathon, Fredericton: Liz Cunningham, Dave Nevitt, John Elliott, Chris Farmer, Barry Fisher, John Gillies, Luc Guillete, Liz Hanley, Peter Hanna, Eric Helson, Dave Hiscock, Jennifer Hoyt, Mary Lou LeClair, Pat Lee, Sara MacDonald, Lance Mitchell, Kermit Philips, Bill Roblee, Steve Saunders, Shawn Shea, Michelle St. Laurent, Sarah Thornton, Paul van Bommel, Clarence Whynot

Fredericton Cops For Cancer Marathon, Fredericton: Randy Morean
George Gallant 10K, Shediac: Jerome Bruhm, Erryl Hines, Mary Lou LeClair, Louise LeDuc, Tom Garland, Mike Jessome, Steve Morley
Heart & Stroke Foundation Marathon, Fredericton: Erryl Hines, Karen Hughes
Hypothermic Half Marathon, Moncton: Jeff Langill
Kennebecasis Valley Challenge Marathon, Hampton: Barry Fisher
Legs for Literacy Marathon, Moncton: Vance Kruszewski, Ray Moorehead, George Pothier, Beverley Robertson, Bill Roblee, Brenda Topliss, Catharine Tutton
Market Square Mile, Saint John: Louis Brill
National 20K Championships, Riverside: Cyril White
National Cross Country Championships, Moncton: Steve Morley, Sherry Carson
Ormocto Marathon, Ormocto: John Elliott, Bill Roblee
Perfection 20K, Moncton: Curtis Faulkner, Les Smith
Rock 'n Roll 10K, Miramichi: Gavin Timberlake
Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon, Miramichi: Janice Fiander, Sue Gillis
Run for the Green 10K, Miramichi: Les Smith
Run for Chiropractic Education(10k), Moncton: Jim Mason

Mews 8km, St. John's: Jim Mason
Newfoundland&Labrador Provincial Marathon, NL: Bill Roblee
Shoppers Timex 8K, St. John’s: Sherry Carson
Tely Ten, St. John’s: Ray Hannaberry, Helena Piccinini, Mark Young
Quidi Vidi 5K, St. John’s: Nancy Holland
Saint John’s Marathon, Saint John’s: Roger Churchill

Northwest Territories
Midnight Sun Marathon, Nanasivik, Baffin Island: Kevin Cox, Randy Morean, Bob Russell
Midnight Sun Double Marathon (52.4 miles), Nanasivik, Baffin Island: Randy Morean
Midnight Sun Fun Run, Half Marathon, Inuvik: Kelly Prendergast

Avon 20K, Ottawa: Sherry Carson,
Avon International Marathon, Ottawa: Jeannie Cameron
Backs in Motion 10K, Toronto: Eric Helson, Nancy Holland, Ward MacDonald
Baycrest 10K, Toronto: Shelley Finson
Beat Beethoven Run, Kingston: Steve Moores
Belleville Marathon, Belleville: Don Todd
Bonnie Bell 10K, Toronto: Shelley Finson
Booth Centre 10K, Ottawa: Rob Clark
Brooks National Womens 10K, Toronto: Bonnie LeFrank
Brooks Spring Run-Off, Toronto: Robert Englehutt
Canadian International Half Marathon, Toronto: Carole Thompson
Canadian Masters X-Country Championships, Etobicoke: Sherry Carson
Canadian Masters X-Country Championships, Guelph(2007): Mike Leroux, Stephen Morley, Peter Quinn
Carleton Place 10k, Carleton Place: Peter Quinn
Carleton Place 5k, Carleton Place: Darlene Quinn, John Quinn
Compugen 10K Road Race, Toronto: Vance Kruszewski
Coors Classic Columbus Centre 10 K, Toronto: Vance Kruszewski
Father's Day Half Marathon, Ottawa: Rob Clark
Friendly Massey Marathon, Massey: Vance Kruszewski, Bill Roblee
Gateway City/North Bay Half Marathon, North Bay: Vance Kruszewski
Hamilton Marathon, Hamilton: Kevin Cox, Karen Hughes, Beverley Robertson
Horseshoe Mountain Regional X-Country Championships, Barrie: Eric Helson
Hurtin’ Hamstring 100k Owen Sound. 2002: Bruce Barteaux
Kanata Canada Day 10K, Kanata: Rob Clark
Kitchener Oktoberfest Marathon, Kitchener: Kevin Cox
McKenzie Indy 5 Mile Road Race, Toronto: Norm Tinkham
Milk Run 10K, Lindsay: Lee‑Ann Sacco
Miller High Life Marathon, Toronto: Steve Moores
Mississauga Marathon, Mississauga: Ray Moorehead, Brian Anderson
Mississauga Half Marathon, Mississauga: Jeff Vossen

National Capital Marathon, Ottawa:
Perry Abriel, David Agett, Steve Allen, Brian Anderson, Anthony Armson, John Bonn, Heather Boyd, Kelly Brodie, Jerome Bruhm, Angela Campbell, Leslie Carson, Karen Cheng, Dianne Chiasson, Freeman Churchill, Rob Clark, Janet Cooper, Kevin Cox, Pierre Crichton, Liz Cunningham, Brian Doiron, Ken Doucette, John Duncan, Kathy Easter, John Elliott, Robert Englehutt, Peter Fardy, Curtis Faulkner, David Fays, Janice Fiander, Anthony Foster, Rachael Fox, Tom Hahn, York Friesen, Dan Gilfoy, Heather Goodfellow, Dennis Gillis, Georgie Gillis, John Gillis, Ron Gillis, Robyn Harrison, Deane Hennigar, Carmen Holm, George Jarjoura, George Jessen, Jeff Langill, Ulrike Lohmann, Brian MacDougall, Billy MacEachern, Rod MacIntyre, Ena MacPherson, Peter MacPherson, Geb Marett, Lorna McNeil, Michele Miron, Steve Moores, Krista Munro, Michael Murphy, Harry Neynens, Murray Nixon, Joanne Oosterveen, Andrew Pattison, Al Pottier, Richard Richard, Kevin Richardson, Beverley Robertson, Stuart Robertson, Bill Roblee, Wil Smith, David Stanford, Kristiana Stevens, Donnie Stewart, Minh Tan, Gavin Timberlake, Don Todd, Paul van Bommel, Paul Villeneuve, Jeff Vossen, Dave Waddell, Tom Wallace, Mark Walsh, Sarah Wenning, Cyril White

National Capital Race Weekend Marathon, Ottawa: Kristiana Stevens
National Capital Race Weekend Half Marathon, Ottawa: Wentworth Archibald, Ronnie Deveau, Matthew Sheffield
National Cross Country Championships, Etobicoke: Steve Morley
Niagara International Marathon, Niagara Falls: Terri Anderson, Kevin Cox, Lynn Devereaux, Diana Dibblee, Luc Erjavec, Barry Fisher, Deane Hennigar, Vance Kruszewski, Ray Moorehead, Steve Moores, Steve Morley, Harry Neynens, Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee, Steve Saunders, Carole Thompson, Michael Wills
Nordion 10K, Ottawa: Ronnie Deveau, Dominique Gallant, Tom Middelveen
Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon: Sherry Carson, Linda MacDonald
24 hour Ultramarathon National Championships, 101 miles, 1576 yds. 1989. Ottawa, ON: Beverley Robertson
24 hour Ultramarathon National Championships, 120 miles, 649 yds. 1990. Ottawa, ON: Beverley Robertson
Richmond Road Race 10K, Richmond Village: Rob Clark
Run For Chiropractic Education 10K, Sunnybrook Park, Toronto: Vance Kruszewski
Run for the Toad 50k. Paris: Bruce Barteaux
Santa Shuffle 5K, Sunnybrook Park, Toronto: Vance Kruszewski
Scotia Bank Half Marathon, Ottawa: Dominique Gallant
Scotia Bank Waterfront Half Marathon, Toronto: Shari-Lynn Hiltz
Self Transcendence 6hr 71.532km Kingston. 2006: Bruce Barteaux
Sri Chinmoy 6hr 74.554km Kingston. 2003: Bruce Barteaux
Sri Chinmoy 24 hr (88miles) 1991, Ottawa: Karen Hughes
Sri Chinmoy 24 hr (91.5miles) 1992, Ottawa: Karen Hughes
Sunnybrook 10K, Toronto: Shelley Finson
Timex 5K, London: Luke Freeman
Timex 10K, London: James Balcom, Mike Ciarroco, Kevin Freeman, Paul Heintzman
Timex Canadian 10K Championships, London: David Arnold, Peter Beazley, Leslie Carson, Sherry Carson, Christine Etter, Lavinia Gough, Rayleen Hill, Louise LeDuc, Kristen Woodruff, Linda MacDonald, Dave MacLennan, Steve Morley, Dave Nevitt, Sarah Reddington, Kirk Sabean, Smartex Tambala,
Timex Canadian 10K Championships, Ottawa: Curtis Archibald, Roy Banks, Rami Bardeesy, Peter Beazley, Sean Best, Stéphane Boudreau, Randy Bullerwell, Sherry Carson, Freeman Churchill, Jack Clothier, Dan Comeau, Gord Crowell, Pam Currie-Yarr, Annick DeGooyer, Sarah Edwards, Anne Marie Farnell, Rayleen Hill, Janet Hoyt, Bonnie LeFrank, Mary Anne LeFrank, Heather Goodfellow, Mike Grimbly, Dan Hennigar, Tammy Hiscock, Nancy Holland, Dan Kontak, Bo MacGillivray, Paula MacInnis Wheeler, Susan MacDonald, Erin MacLean, Ena MacPherson, Terry Melloy, Norman Messom, Ray Moorehead, Steve Morley, Sandy Pirie, Sue Pirie, Sheila Poole, Laura Reardon Keefe, Tony Roache, Denise Robson, David Ruggles, Benita Sabean, Joanne Smith, Dan Soucoup, Smartex Tambala, Norman Tinkham, Adam Wellstead, Holly Whitman
Timex 10K, Ottawa: Bob Brake, Dave Byrne, Rod MacIntyre, Joe Whitby, Ted Worthington
Timex Canadian 10K Championship, Waterloo: Brian Barkhouse, Peter Beazley, Sean Best, Sherry Carson, Heather Goodfellow, Rayleen Hill, Louise LeDuc, Dave MacLennan, Ena MacPherson
Timex 10K, Waterloo: Bob Brake, Brent MacDonald
Toronto International Marathon, Toronto: Mark Agulnuk, Kevin Cox, Brian Doiron, Sheila Fougere, Deane Hennigar, Dave Hiscock, Tammy Hiscock, Vance Kruszewski, Brian MacDougall, Ena MacPherson, Steve Moores, Steve Morley, Matt Napier, Henry Raffell, Maria Raffell, Don Todd, Paul van Bommel
Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Toronto: Paul Callaghan, Barabara Fox, Leo Kennedy, David Kachan
Toronto 100k: Bruce Barteaux
Toronto Island 10K, Toronto: Shelley Finson
Ultimate Canuck (92 kms) Ultra Trail run, Kanata: Kristiana Stevens
Vivian Forest Regional X-Country Championship, Vivian Forest: Eric Helson
YMCA 5x1K Relay, Ottawa: Rob Clark
Women's Masters 5K, Toronto: Shelley Finson

Prince Edward Island
Brackley Beach 10K, Brackley Beach: Steve Morley
Brothers 10K, Charlottetown: Shelley Finson
Canadian 20K Championships, Stanhope: Rob Bevans, Tom Conway, Leslie Douglas, Joe Fougere, Mike Hamilton, Tim King, Craig Parsons, David Ruggles, Mary Anne Wear, Ralph Williams,
Charlottetown 10K, Charlottetown: Curtis Faulkner, Nancy Holland, Mary-K Stewart
Charlottetown Half Marathon, Charlottetown: Curtis Faulkner, Janice Fiander, Morgan Grimbly, Deane Hennigar, Joanne Oostveen, Malcolm Pain, Marlene Reid, Maureen Stiner, Jacques Thibault
Charlottetown Marathon, Charlottetown: Mike Grimbly, Malcolm MacDonald
Dunk River Run (7 miles), Dunk River: Curtis Faulkner
Fulton Campbell 20K, Montague: Curtis Faulkner
Island Marathon, Charlottetown: Chris Anderson, Ken Doucette, John Elliott, Curtis Faulkner, Barbara Fox, Chris Hollebone, Vance Kruszewski, Jeff Langill, Dave Nevitt, Malcolm MacDonald, David MacLennan, Ena MacPherson, Peter MacPherson, Steve Moores, George Pothier, Richard Richard, Beverley Robertson, Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee, Kristiana Stevens
Kensington 25K, Kensington: Curtis Faulkner
O’Leary Potato Blossom 5K, O’Leary: Carole Thompson
Red Cross Relay 10K, Charlottetown: Sherry Carson
Wally Rodd 10K, Charlottetown: Sherry Carson      

1st Outgames, Montréal: Richard Richard
Canadian Forces Base Montreal Marathon, St‑Hubert: Richard Richard
Canadian Forces Base St‑Jean, St‑Jean: Richard Richard
Chicoutimi Marathon, Chicoutimi: Kevin Cox
Festival de la Santé Half-marathon, Montreal: Louis Dionne, Marie-Claude Grégoire
Le Marathon des Deux Rives, Quebec: Roger Boutilier, Dave Nevitt, Richard Richard, Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee, Michael Wills
Levis 100k, Levis: Bruce Barteaux
McGill X‑Country Meet (6.3k), Montreal: Vance Kruszewski
Marathon de I'Ile d'Orleans, I'Ile d'Orleans: Richard Richard
Marathon 5ième Groupe Brigade, Quebec: Richard Richard
Montreal Marathon: Chris Anderson, Burnley Bertolo, Kevin Cox, Bonnie LeFrank, Brian MacDougall, Steve Moores, Murray Nixon, Richard Richard, Beverley Robertson, Don Todd, Paul van Bommel, Cyril White
Sherbrooke X‑Country Meet 8K, Sherbrooke: Vance Kruszewski
Laval X‑Country Meet 6K, Ste. Foy: Vance Kruszewski
Timex 10K, Montreal: Gerry Coneybeare, Christina Murray, Dave Nevitt, Arnold Robertson, David Robertson
Timex Canadian 10K Championships, Montreal: Sherry Carson, Dan Freeman, Heather Goodfellow, Lavina Gough, Dan Hennigar, Louise LeDuc, Greg MacDonald, Dave MacLennan, Trish Fogarty-Pearce, Sandra Sullivan, Smartex Tambala, Tom Wallace


Alabama Power Half Marathon, Mercedes Marathon Weekend, Birmingham: Brian MacDougall
Magic City Marathon, Birmingham: Ken Doucette
Mount Cheaha 50K Trail Race, Anniston: Dave Nevitt

Frank Maier Marathon Marathon, Juneau: Steve Moores

72 hour Across the Years Ultra, 245.5 miles. Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 1991: Beverley Robertson
Whiskey Row Marathon, Prescott: Kristiana Stevens
Tucson Marathon, Tucson: Scott Shupe

Big Sur Marathon, Carmel: Bob Brake, Karen Hughes, Brian Macdougall, Dave Nevitt, Wayne Rose, Don Todd
Bridge to Bridge 12K,  San Francisco: Chris Anderson, Shirley Robichaud
Fox Trot Half Marathon, San Luis: Mary Lou LeClair
Lake Tahoe 3 Day Staged (78.6 miles) Ultramarathon, California: Kristiana Stevens
LA Marathon, Los Angeles: Scott Shupe, Minh Tan
Pacific Shoreline Marathon, Huntington Beach: Kermit Philips, Minh Tan
Carlsbad  San Diego Marathon, San Diego: Scott Shupe, Minh Tan
Rock N' Roll Marathon, San Diego: Scott Shupe
San Diego Nutrition Week 5K, San Diego: Carole Thompson
San Francisco Marathon, San Francisco: Liz Cunningham
Stinson Beach 7 Miler (1800 ft up Dipsea Trail), Stinson Beach : Ronnie Deveau
Western States 100 miles, California, USA 1990: Beverley Robertson

Denver Marathon, Denver: Dave Nevitt

48 hour Track Ultra, Pensacola 1990: Beverley Robertson
Bank of America Marathon, Tampa Bay: Dave Nevitt, George Pothier
Gasparilla Marathon, Tampa Bay: Dave Nevitt
Easter Bunny 10K, Clearwater: Les Smith
Hops Half Marathon by the Bay: Beverly Richardson, Cathy Whitman
Hops Marathon by the Bay, Tampa: Matt Whitman, Steve Saunders
Jacksonville Marathon, Jacksonville: Eric Helson
Miami Marathon, Miami: George Pothier
Navy 10K, Jacksonville: Kevin Freeman, Luke Freeman
Run for the Roses 5k, Fort Lauderdale: Joanne Oosterveen

Walt Disney World Marathon, Orlando: Mike Amiro, Steven Arsenault, Terry Brennan, Alexis Broadbent, Anita Coady, Glenn Coltman, Heidi Connors, Peter Covert, Scott Covey, Chris Cunningham, Dawn Denyar, Barry Fisher,Terri Fraser, Jennifer Grabmann, Charlie LeFort, Angela Loveless, Brian MacDougall, Katrin MacKinnon, Colleen McRae, Thalia McRae, Alan Merchant, Harry Neynens, Michelle Overmars, Malcolm Pain, Chris Paley, Jacqueline Perro, Jennifer Powell, Chad Power, Marlene Reid, Tim Robertson, Christine Salt, Barb Smith, Laura Thomas, Lucy Trull, Karen Ann Tucker

Walt Disney World Half Marathon, Orlando: Lori Campbell, Karen Paley, Marlene Reid
Hops Marathon by the Bay
Walt Disney World Goofy's Race and a half Challenge, Orlando (Half Marathon Sat & Full Marathon Sun): Kristiana Stevens

The Peachtree Road Race 10K, Atlanta: Warren Chornoby, John MacDonell

Diamond Head Duet 5K, Honolulu: Sherry Carson
Hawaii Marathon, Honolulu: Gregg Bilby, Sherry Carson, Jim Hibberts, Ron Jeppeson, Jack McKee

Pocatello Marathon, Pocatello: Chris Anderson

Chicago Marathon, Chicago: Chris Anderson, Anthony Archibald, Rami Bardeesy, Bruce Bowen, Elly Bronk, Steven Brown, Adrian Campbell, Liz Cunningham, Luc Erjavec, Sara Filbee, Dominique Gallant, Paulette Goulden, Krista Hanson, Deane Hennigar, David Holder, Elizabeth Jay, Lyndon Johnston, Leo Kennedy, Leah Knowles, Jeff Langill, Krista Lothian, Karen Luther, Chris MacDonald, Brian Macdougall, Carolyn Mackenzie, Ena MacPherson, Rod McCulloch, Mike McNally, Tammy Mercier-Hackett, Ray Moorehead, Steve Morley, Robert Morrison, Shawna Murdock-Moore, Michael Murphy, Kevin Neatt, Nancy Neatt, Dave Nevitt, Audrey Norton, John O'Neill, Kermit Philips, Mark Pothier, Brian Purchase, Sarah Reddington, Cynthia Robertson, Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee, Denise Robson, Lauren Rosen, Elizabeth Smith, Janet Steele, Susan Stewart, Carole Thompson, Gail Tomblin Murphy, James Trussler, Alan Tupper, Michael Vallis, Lesley Wilson, Joanne Zevenhuizen

Main Course 10K, Chicago: Luc Erjavec
Quad Cities Marathon, Moline: Mark Moore

Chiropractic Olympics 5K, Davenport: Vance Kruszewski

Kansas City Marathon, Kansas City: Smartex Tambala

Mardi Gras Marathon, New Orleans: Ken Doucette, George Pothier

Casco Bay Marathon, Portland: Beverley Robertson
Great Cranberry Island 50 Mile Ultra, Cranberry Island: Dave Nevitt
Falmouth, 7 Mile Road Race, Falmouth: Curtis Faulkner
International 5 Miler, Calais Me to St. Stephen NB: Curtis Faulkner, Steve Morley
Maine Marathon, Portland: Mike Amiro, Luc Erjavec, Curtis Faulkner, Tom Hahn, David MacLennan, Murray Nixon
Midwinter Classic 10 Miler, Cape Elizabeth: Erryl Hines
Mount Desert Island Marathon:  Dave Nevitt
Mount Katahdin 5 Miler, Houlton: Steve Morley
Paul Bunyan Marathon, Bangor: Bill Roblee, Beverley Robertson
Sugarloaf Marathon: Jim Harpell, Sandy McKenna, Beverley Robertson, Cyril White, Bev Williams
York 5K, York: Mary Lou LeClair

Boston Marathon, Boston: David Abugov, Steve Allen, Brian Anderson, Chris Anderson, Teri Anderson, Tony Armson, Rami Bardeesy, Lauchie Beaton, Iris Black, Clifford Boudreau, Bob Brake, Judy Brufatto, Frederick Bruhm, Jerome Bruhm, George Burke, Michael Burke, Paul Callaghan, Fred Cameron, Adrian Campbell, Pat Carty, Darlene Chapman, Diane Chiasson, Catherine Chisholm, Chris Chisholm, Roger Churchill, Mark Chute, Robert Clark, Sylvie Clotier, Jennifer Cocoran, Glen Coltman, Dean Cook, Ken Crosby, Kevin Cox, Tracy Crowell, Arturo Cruz, Mary Davidson, Trevor Davies, Terry DeLong, Jo-Anne Doiron, Michael Donaldson, Charlene Doucette, Roy Doucette, Charlene Druhan, Ron Duchesne, Stephen Dunn, Dave Eaton, Luc Erjavec, Peter Fardy, Curtis Faulkner, Joyce Felker, Barbara Fox, Dawn Fulton, Barry Fisher, Janet Frasier, Georgie Gillis, Ellen Goldbloom, Mike Grimbly, Tom Hahn, Kathryn Hamilton, Elizabeth Hanley, Krista Hanson, Eric Helson, Gary Hendsbee, Deane Hennigar, Ken Hetherington, Jim Hibberts, Shannon Hickey, Stephen Hilchie, Erryl Hines, Robert Hiscock, Roy Hopkins, Steven Hopper, Jennifer Hoyt, Karen Hughes, Mary Jamieson, Ron Jeppeson, David Johnston, Charles Jollymore, Andrew Kendall, Leo Kennedy, Anne Kerr, Wayne Kerr, Brian King, Vance Kruszewski, Ross Langley, Tracy Langley, Becky Lausch, Jason Lawton, Ulrike Lohmann, Rhoda MacCormick, Ron MacCormick, Brenda MacDonald, Brent MacDonald, Charlie MacDonald, Gerry MacDonald, Ronald MacDonald, Toni MacDonald,  Brian MacDougall, Bill MacEachern, Donnie MacInnis, Paula MacInnis‑Wheeler, Silas MacLellan, David MacLennan, Peter MacLellan, David MacLeod, Ernest MacNeil, Mark MacNeil, Ena MacPherson, Joe Malek, Drew Markham, Brian McDonah, Erin McDonah, John McDougall, Kelly McKean, Lynn Meredith, Johnny Miles, Wendy Mombourquette, Ray Moorehead, Steve Moores, Randy Morean, Sandy Morrison, Hugh Munroe, Shawna Murdock‑Moore, Mark Nelson, Dave Nevitt, Harry Neynens, Victor Nickerson, Diane Nicoll, Krista O’Connell, Matthew O’Halloran, Don O’Neil, Jeffrey Oakes, Michael Orr, Malcolm Pain, Noel Paul, Gwyneth Parker, Lisa Pavelak, Carmen Payson, Kermit Phillips, Marianne Pierce, George Pothier, John Purdy, Moe Reynolds, Richard Richard, Becky Richards, Kathleen Richardson, Robert Richardson, Lisa Riley, Paul Roberts, Beverley Robertson, Denise Robson, John Rogers, Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee, Wayne Rose, Betty Sampson, Alan Saunders, Steve Saunders, Shaun Shea, Mark Shupe, Mary Smith-Marquis, Cecil Snow, Mark Stein, Donnie Stewart, Larry Stordy, Maureen Sullivan, Sandra Sullivan, Caryn Thaler, Don Todd, Tia Toner, Brenda Topliss, Doug Tupper, Catherine Tutton, Paul van Bommel, Brenda Vaughan, Daniel Veinot, Gordon Warnica, Andrew Wenning, Caroline Whitby, Cyril White, Holly Whitman, Clarence Whynot, Howard Wightman, Ray Williams, Lesley Wilson, Lisa Wilson, Catherine Woodman.

Cape Cod Marathon, Cape Cod: Ann MacDonald, Greg MacDonald
Falmouth 8 Miler, Falmouth: Rayleen Hill
Freedom Run, Boston: Nancy Holland
Hyannis Half Marathon, Cape Cod: Shelley Finson
Nantucket Marathon, Nantucket: Bruce Barteaux
New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford: Luc Erjavec, Norm Tinkham
River Run (3.5 mile), Boston: Shelley Finson
Tufts Women's 10K, Boston: Shelley Finson, Lucy Smith

Detroit Free Press Marathon, Detroit: Deane Hennigar
Port Huron Marathon, Port Huron: Kevin Cox
Carrolton Lions Marathon, Carrolton: Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee

Grandma’s Marathon, Duluth: Smartex Tambala
Twin Cities Marathon, St. Paul: Deane Hennigar, Brent MacDonald, Randy Morean       

Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon: Gavin Timberlake
Waddell & Reed Kansas City Half Marathon: Janice Fiander

Le Grizz Ultra Marathon (50 miles), Hungry Horse: Randy Morean

Las Vegas Half Marathon, Las Vegas: Bob Brake, Malcolm Pain
Las Vegas Marathon, Las Vegas: Mike Amiro, Bruce Barteaux, Scott Shupe, Kristiana Stevens, Smartex Tambala

New Hampshire
DARE State Police 5K Road Race, NH Motor Speedway, Louden: Cole MacDonell, Clay MacDonell
DARE State Police 1.5K Road Race, NH Motor Speedway, Louden: Ally MacDonell
Fred Brown Relay, Lake Winnepesaukee: Perry Abriel, James Balcom, Wayne Banks, Jerome Bruhm, Bill Campbell, Bryan Darrell, Gaby Gough, Mike Harvey, Chris Hollebone, Gerry MacDonald, Bill Mills, Ross Mitchell, Norman Stein, Greg Vail, Gordon Warnica, Carol Wright
New Hampshire Marathon, Bristol: Dave Nevitt
Wolfeboro 5k Turkey Trot, Wolfeboro: Chris Anderson

New Jersey
New Jersey Waterfront Marathon: Bonnie LeFrank

New Mexico
Shiprock Marathon, Shiprock: Kristiana Stevens

New York
Ironman USA, Lake Placid: Shawna Murdock-Moore
More Half Marathon, New York:  Janice Fiander, Caitlin Gilles, Erin Gilles, Sue Gilles, Nancy Holland, Micheline McWhirter

New York City Marathon, New York: Mike Amiro, Chris Anderson, Wayne Banks, Mark Bernard, Bob Coffin, Liz Cunningham, Ronnie Deveau, Bruce Duffy, Luc Erjavec, Kamran Eskandari, Peter Fardy, Mike Hayes, Michael Hennessey, Erryl Hines, Fiona Imrie, Leah Jabbour, George Jessen, Nadine Jewer, Mark Kilby, Mark Labine, Leanne MacMillan, Bruce Mansour, Dawn McLellan, Steve Morley, Shawna Murdock-Moore, Dave Nevitt, Murray Nixon, Ilona Oszadszky, Michael Peck, Kermit Philips, Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee, Bob Russell, Steve Saunders, Iain Smith, Mark Stein, Carole Thompson, Cyril White, Stephen Wilsack, Edward Yetman

Newsday Long Island Half Marathon, Jones Beach: Bonnie LeFrank
Wineglass Marathon, Corning, New York: Art Cruz, Luc Erjavec

North Carolina
Bele Chere 5K, Asheville: Dominique Gallant

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati: Paul Callaghan, Barbara Fox
Columbus Marathon, Columbus: Ena MacPherson
U.S. Peace Run 10K, Youngstown: Norm Tinkham

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Oklahoma: David MacLennan, Kristiana Stevens

Portland Marathon, Portland: Karen Hughes, Kristiana Stevens, Minh Tan
Newport Marathon, Newport: Minh Tan
Seaside Marathon, Seaside: Karen Hughes

St. Paddy’s 10 Mile Run, Kutztown: Bonnie LeFrank

Philadelphia Marathon, Philadelphia: Teri Anderson, Dale Armstrong, Roger Barakett, Stéphane Boudreau, Wayne Boyle, Pamela Chisholm, Lisa Cicchelli, Liz Cunningham, Brian Doiron, Robert Englehutt, Susan Faulkner, Tony Folkins, Bruce Gallagher, Merete Hansen, Anna Marie Kaiser, Wendy MacGregor, Ena MacPherson, Erin McDonah, Tammy Mercier-Hackett, Janet Mills, Mike Murphy, Kermit Phillips, Brendan Reid, Kathleen Richardson, Kevin Richardson, Robert Richardson, John Rogers, Larry Stordy, Ali Sullivan, David Thompson, Peter Vaughan, Lisa Wilson, Amy Woodsworth.

Philadelphia Half Marathon, Philadelphia:  Alexander Campbell, Jokathy Keeping, Stanley Keeping, Anne Vaughan
Philadelphia 8K, Philadelphia:  Dale Faulkner, Gordon Richardson, Margo Watt
Pittsburgh Marathon, Pittsburgh: Smartex Tambala, Minh Tan

Rhode Island
Ocean State Marathon, Providence: Curtis Faulkner, Ena MacPherson, Peter MacPherson
Ocean State Marathon, Warwick: Bob Brake, Tom Hahn, Leo Kennedy, Brent MacDonald, Brian MacDougall, Brian McDonah, Brian McLaughlin, Donna Reindorf, Smartex Tambala, Andrew Wenning.

South Carolina
Myrtle Beach Marathon, Myrtle Beach: Dave Nevitt

Country Music Marathon, Nashville: Brent MacDonald, Kristiana Stevens
St Jude Marathon, Memphis: George Jessen

Chiropractic Olympics 5K, Dallas: Vance Kruszewski
Cowtown Marathon, Fort Worth: Peter MacPherson
Dallas White Rock Marathon, Dallas: Brian MacDougall, Ena MacPherson, Peter MacPherson
Houston Marathon, Houston: Dan Kontak, Leo Kennedy, Cam Poirier, Norm Tinkham

St. George Marathon, St. George: Dave Nevitt

Vermont Marathon, Burlington: Mary Lou LeClair

Charlottesville 10 Miler, Charlottesville: Tim Harris
Richmond Suntrust Marathon, Richmond, Virginia: Luc Erjavec, Dave Nevitt
Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach : Scott Shupe

Baker to Bellingham Relay: Sherry Carson
Capitol City Marathon, Olympia: Karen Hughes
Easter Marathon, Olympia: Kristiana Stevens
Port Townsend Marathon, Port Townsend: Karen Hughes
Seattle Half‑marathon, Seattle: Minh Tan
Seattle Marathon, Seattle: Luc Erjavec, Karen Hughes, Kristiana Stevens
Shuksan 10 Miler, Bellingham: Sherry Carson

Washington D.C.
Marine Corps Marathon: Chris Anderson, Terri Anderson, Bruce Barteaux, Lisa Cicchelli, Liz Cunningham, Barb Glanville, Tom Harmes, Marg Kinsman, Gerard Lessard, Brian MacDougall, Ena MacPherson, Peter MacPherson, Randy Morean, Steve Morley, Darcy Stephens, Kristiana Stevens, Carole Thompson, Peter Vaughan, Geri Wallace
George Washington Marathon: Rayleen Hill, Ena MacPherson
Washington DC Marathon, Washington D.C.: Ena MacPherson

Fox Cities Marathon, Neenah: Smartex Tambala


100k ultra marathon world championships, Belgium, Aug. 1993: Beverly Robertson
World Cup 100k Torhout. 2002: Bruce Barteaux

Czech Republic
Prague International Marathon, Prague: Jeff Langill

Leichtathletik-Sportveranstaltung des SC Onsbach (Marathon), Onsbach: Ken Doucette

Broome Village 10K, Suffolk: Janice Fiander, Gavin Timberlake
Clarendon Way Marathon, Wiltshire: Brenda Topliss
Hell Down South, 11 miles cross country, Longmoor Camp, Hampshire: Ronald Deveau
Robin Hood Marathon, Nottingham: Peter MacLellan, Kristiana Stevens
London Marathon, London: Roger Churchill, Brian King, Brenda Topliss
Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K, Hyde Park, London: Janice Fiander, Gavin Timberlake

Santa's Artic Circle Marathon, Rovaniemi: Kristiana Stevens

Paris Marathon, Paris: Peter MacLellan, Al Pottier, Richard Richard, Michael Wills
Le Marathon du Val Nantais, Nantes: Michael Wills
Les Foulées de la Presse Océan, Nantes (1/4 marathon): Michael Wills
Le Semi-marathon du Mans, Le Mans: Michael Wills

Berlin Marathon, Berlin: Paul Boudreau, Michael Haynes, Uli Lohman, Victoria Martin, Ray Moorehead, Harry Neynens, Denise Robson, Scott Shupe, Michael Wills
Berlin-Potsdam Drittel Marathon (1/3 marathon): Michael Wills
Erlangen-Herzogenaurach Marathon: Michael Wills
Fichtelgebirgs Marathon, Wunsiedel: Kristiana Stevens
Hamburg Marathon, Hamburg: Marian Fratczak, Kassiem Jacobs, Ulrike Lohmann, Michael Wills
Leipzig Marathon, Leipzig, Germany: Michael Wills
Onsbach International Marathon, Onsbach: Don Todd
Würzburg Marathon, Würzburg: Michael Wills

Athens Marathon, Athens: Roger Churchill, Kevin Cox

Budapest Marathon, Budapest: Roger Churchill

Reykjavik Marathon, Reykjavik: Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee

Ireland, Northern (Ulster)
Ballynahinch 10K, Ballynahinch, County Down: Chris Anderson, Shirley Robichaud

Ireland, Southern (Eire)
Dublin Marathon, Dublin: Morgan Alloway, Mike Amiro, Anthony Archibald, Jackie Ball, Rick Beaver, Sue Boutilier, Deidre Burns, Laurie Campbell, Roger Churchill, Mary Davidson, Heather Doyle, Michelle Forbes, Connie Graham, Harve Grant, Jim Harpell, Karen Hughes, Brian King, George Lafontaine, Andrea Moritz , Cheryl Paynter, Joanne Pinch, Jacqueline Potvin, Judi Randles, Florence Simmons, Elizabeth Smith, Judith Sullivan-Corney,
Guinness Half-Marathon, Dublin: Jeff Balderson

Brescia Marathon, Brescia: Michael Wills

Amsterdam Marathon, Amsterdam: Paul Boudreau, Richard Richard
Gay Games V Marathon, Amsterdam: Richard Richard
Rotterdam Marathon, Rotterdam: Jerome Bruhm
World Cup 100k Winschoten, 2004: Bruce Barteaux

Midnight Sun Marathon, Tromsø: Brenda Topliss

Lisbon Half Marathon, Lisbon: Pete Quinn
Lisbon Mini-marathon (5 miler): Darlene Quinn, John Quinn

Island of Islay Half Marathon, Hebrides: Bill Roblee, Laura Roblee
Cape Wrath Marathon Challenge, Durness, Sutherland: Chris Anderson
Tinto Hill Run 4.4 miles, Lanarkshire: Ronald Deveau
Troon Tortoises 10k, Troon, Ayrshire: Chris Anderson

Military Marathon World Championships, Ljubljana:  Tammy Hiscock

Barcelona Marathon, Barcelona: Marlene Henry, Lyn Ivany, Joan Pringle, Larry Sampson.
Seville Marathon, Seville: Roger Churchill

24 hour Ultramarathon World championships 5th International Sri Chinmoy, 112.7 miles. 1992.
Basel, Switzerland: Beverley Robertson
Geneva Marathon, Geneva: Michael Wills
Military Marathon World Championship, Biel: Tammy Hiscock
Lausanne Marathon, Lausanne: Vance Kruszewski, Andrea Moritz
Zurich Half Marathon, Zurich: Lucy Smith

Rest of World

Antarctic Marathon, King George Island: Roger Churchill, Brenda Topliss

Fin Del Mundo Marathon, Tierra del Fuego: Brenda Topliss

Gay Games VI Marathon, Sydney: Richard Richard
Pub to Pub Run, Sydney, NSW: Steven Allen

Barbados Marathon: Beverley Robertson

Bermuda 10K Championships: Lucy Smith
Bermuda Marathon: James Balcom, Beverley Robertson
Evian 10 Miler: Steve Morley

World Military Marathon, Rio de Janeiro: Ken Doucette

Brunei Inaugural Marathon: Brenda Topliss

Easter Island Marathon: Brenda Topliss
Vina del Mar Marathon: Roger Churchill

Bejing Marathon, Bejing: Roger Churchill
Ekiden Relay, Bejing: Kristen Woodruff
Shenzhen Red Cross & Walmart Charity Fun Run 5K, Shekou: Laura Roblee

Hong Kong
China Coast Marathon, Hong Kong: Peter MacPherson

Hakodate Half Marathon: Bill Campbell, Dan Kontak, Pam Currie-Yarr
Ekiden Relays, Yokohama: Annick deGooyer
World Cup 100k Lake Saroma, Hokkaido. 2005: Bruce Barteaux

Cozumel Marathon, Cozumel: George Pothier

New Zealand
Buller Gorge Marathon, Buller Gorge: Roger Churchill

South Africa
Cape Town Marathon, Cape Town: Roger Churchill
Comrades Marathon (89-k), Pietermaritzburg to/from Durban: Sean Downie, Randy Bullerwell
WAVA World Veterans Championships 1500m, Durban: Randy Bullerwell

South Korea
World Cup 100k, Misari. 2006: Bruce Barteaux

World Cup 100k Taiwan. 2003: Bruce Barteaux

Bankok Marathon, Bankok: Roger Churchill






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