Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series

Every year, Run Nova Scotia helps to support road races around the province. One aspect of that is the Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series. This is our core series that offers races from one mile to the marathon, in locations from Yarmouth to Louisbourg.

The Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series races are open to all comers—elite athletes to the weekend warriors, Run Nova Scotia members and non-members alike. Each race is there for all to experience the thrill of participation and the joy of crossing the finish line.

Run Nova Scotia members who participate in the Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series are awarded points based on their finish position relative to other finishers in their age and gender class. That’s right: if you’re a 63- year-old man, you’re not competing against 22-year-old women for points!

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Here’s how point accumulation works:

  • Each Run Nova Scotia member is scored within his or her specific age category, as listed below.
  • Females and males are scored separately.
  • Points are awarded in the age categories as follows: 1st place – 55 points; 2nd place – 49 points; 3rd place – 48 points; 4th place – 47 points and so on, down to 1 point for 50th place and beyond.
  • Each runner’s final year-end points are based on his or her best nine finishes.
  • To qualify for a year-end award, runners must finish at least five races, or finish four races and volunteer at a race.
  • For people who race often, the best nine finishes will be used to calculate points for the year. That means members can run in eight races and volunteer at one to get the nine races.
  • Volunteer often! However, we have ruled that a maximum of 60 volunteer points can be awarded to each person per year.
  • Awards are presented to the top five males and females in each age category at the year-end banquet in November.
  • In the event of a tie, positions will be decided by the results of head-to-head competitions. If a tie still results, positions will then be decided by average pace per race.
Age categories, based on each runner’s age as of December 31 in the current race year.
A under 20 I 55-59
B 20-24 J 60-64
C 25-29 K 65-69
D 30-34 L 70-74
E 35-39 M 75-79
F 40-44 N 80-84
G 45-49 O 85-99
H 50-54    
Please note that these are not the same age classes that are used to determine finish positions at races! Races base their age winners on this system:
Open all participants
Masters 40-49
Senior Masters 50-59
Golden Masters 60-69
Platinum Masters 70-79
Titanium Masters 80-89


The fine print:

  1. The Road Race Series is open to all members of Run Nova Scotia. Prospective members will have a period of seven days after a race to join Run Nova Scotia and have their race result count towards the series. For example, to have a May 2nd race result count toward the member’s combined total time, the individual would need to be a confirmed member by May 9th.
  1. Any necessary tiebreakers will be broken by head-to-head results for any Road Race Series events that both athletes competed in.
  2. Age categories are based on the athlete age at year-end of the race season in question.
  3. Scoring is based on Gun Time results.

About Us

Since 1983, Run Nova Scotia has fostered and promoted road running all across Nova Scotia. From one running boom to the next, our mission has not wavered: to promote health, fitness, and camaraderie to people of all ages and abilities through the sport of road running. For close to 30 years, we’ve supported the unique needs and goals of anyone from Yarmouth to Sydney who has decided to lace up a pair of running shoes and join the thousands of other Nova Scotians running the roads.