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Overview: Run Nova Scotia is here to help communities promote road running though races, expos, and educational programs. Members of Run Nova Scotia help support that effort by participating in road races all over the province and by being ambassadors for the sport every time they lace up. Run Nova Scotia has members all over the province, of all skill levels, and of all speeds. If you run or love road running, you should be a member of Run Nova Scotia.

Membership Types: All memberships provide the member with a discount off all Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series and/or Run Nova Scotia Performance Series events in a given racing season. All members are also eligible for race draw prizes and random draw prizes. Membership sales begin in September (at the Berwick Gala Days 5-Mile Road Race). Early registrants get a chance at one of 750 free Run Nova Scotia t-shirts (first pick up, first served basis). Pick up your shirt at any Run Nova Scotia event from either the expo booth or the finish line van (while supplies last).

  • Regular membership: This is a one-year membership for $35.00 that expires on December 31st of the year in which it is purchased*. 
  • Family membership: This membership type is best purchased for multiple people living at the same address. It is a one-year membership that expires on December 31st of the year in which it is purchased*. Fees include the following: $35.00 for the first membership, $20.00 for the second membership and $5.00 for each additional membership. Thus, for five people living at the same address, a family membership for one-year would total: $70.00.
  • Perpetual membership: This membership type is restricted to those 65 years and older. This is a non-expiring membership (i.e. membership for life) for a one-time fee of $65.00.
  • Lifetime membership: This membership cannot be purchased. Lifetime memberships are awarded by nomination to long standing members who have contributed a lifetime worth of time, energy and dedication to Run Nova Scotia.

*Regular or family memberships purchased between the Berwick Gala Days 5 Mile Road Race and December 31st of the current year do not expire until December 31st of the subsequent year. Thus, for example, if a new or returning member purchases a regular membership at the Berwick Gala Days 5 Mile Road Race 2019, their regular membership will not expire until December 31st, 2020.

Why Join Run Nova Scotia?

Be in the Know: As a member you will receive weekly e-mails from us about races, events, special offers, and news about the running community. We’re also on Twitter (@RunNovaScotia) with occasional reminders and fun facts, and on Instagram (@RunNovaScotia) for motivation and pictures from local races.

Compete - Against Yourself: Run Nova Scotia hosts concurrent race series’: the Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series and the Run Nova Scotia Performance Series. All of our races are open to any runner, whatever their skill level or ability. Run Nova Scotia members, however, receive race registration discounts and special draw prizes at each race.

Each year, the Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series comprises up to 22 race events across the province, from Yarmouth to Louisbourg, ranging in distance from 1-milers to marathons — there’s something here for everyone! Run Nova Scotia members collect points at every race they finish, which are used to award the end-of-year Age Class awards! If you sign-up within 7 days of running a Run Nova Scotia Road Race Series race, your results from that race will count toward your year-end totals. Participation is also rewarded! Awards are given to members who participate in the highest number of events (run/walk and/or volunteer) at the end of the year. 

The Run Nova Scotia Performance Series comprises nine of the Run Nova Scotia series races ranging in distance from 5K to 21.1k. These races are meant to draw out the speed demons. Compete in one each of the three race distances - 5k, 10k, and 21.1k - and the results are based on the lowest combined time with cash prizes for the winners awarded at the end of the year!

Be an Ambassador: Every runner is an ambassador for the sport. As a member of Run Nova Scotia, you show you think that running is accessible, inclusive, fun, and a great way to stay fit and healthy. Your membership fees help Run Nova Scotia go to communities all over the province to support local runs and races by providing professional start and finish line services. Run Nova Scotia has promotional items for sale with the Run Nova Scotia logo on them that makes it easy for you to show your support all around the world! 


About Us

Since 1983, Run Nova Scotia has fostered and promoted road running all across Nova Scotia. From one running boom to the next, our mission has not wavered: to promote health, fitness, and camaraderie to people of all ages and abilities through the sport of road running. For close to 30 years, we’ve supported the unique needs and goals of anyone from Yarmouth to Sydney who has decided to lace up a pair of running shoes and join the thousands of other Nova Scotians running the roads.