Run Nova Scotia Performance Series

Nine races. Three distances. Fast times. The Run Nova Scotia Performance Series offers competition and comradaerie for runners looking for a challenge.

Compete in the 5K, 10K, and 21.1K distances. The runner male and female with the fastest combined time from races at each distance wins.To qualify, Run Nova Scotia members need to run at least one race at each distance, but can run multiple races with the fastest time from each distance being used to calculate the winners. Prize money is on the line.


  Category Place Prize
  Open 1st $675
    2nd $450
    3rd $325
    4th $250
    5th $200
  Masters 1st $200
  50-59 1st $200
  60+ 1st $200
  Youth* 1st 2019 Run Nova Scotia membership & Gift Certificate
  Random draw** NA Complimentary entry into three Performance Series races of choice in 2019

*The Youth category is intended for runners 18 years of age or younger. To compete in this category young runners must complete two of the four 5km races in the performance series.  The winner is the runner with the fastest cumulative time. The overall youth winner receives a complimentary Run Nova Scotia membership for 2019 and a gift certificate for new shoes from Aerobics First. 

 ** To be elidgeable for the random draw, participants must have met the requirements of the performance series, but did not win prize money.  


See where you rank. Push yourself to the limit. Set a new personal best. Get ready for the Run Nova Scotia Performance Series!


Division Athlete Total Time Division Athlete Total Time
Open Male Matt McNeil   Open Female

Colleen Wilson

  Calvin Dewolfe     Emily Hamilton  
  Greg Wieczorek     Denise Robson  
  Matthias Mueller     Rayleen Hill  
  Gavin Hatheway     Paula James  
Masters Male Jeff Rutushny   Masters Female Stephanie Seaward  
50+ Male Wade Were   50+ Female Karen Marlin  
Youth Matthew Rutushny        
  Katelyn Richards        
  Laurel Rutushny        


Division Athlete Total Time Division Athlete Total Time
Open Male Matt McNeil 1:57:54 Open Female Denise Robson 2:19:30
  Graydon Snider 2:00:11   Colleen Wilson 2:19:44
  Matthew Ho 2:01:08   Erin Poirier 2:25:13
  Greg Wieczorek 2:05:10   Emily Hamilton 2:26:08
  Matthias Mueller 2:07:51   Chloe Austin 2:27:50
Masters Male Wade Were 2:12:06 Masters Female Rayleen Hill 2:29:03
50+ Male Bryan Hipson 2:12:31 50+ Female Jacqueline Fitzgerald 2:49:50



Division Athlete Total Time Division Athlete Total Time
Open Male Graydon Snider 1:56:36 Open Female Erin MacLean 2:14:19
  Matthias Mueller 2:06:48   Denise Robson 2:19:01
  Wade Were 2:09:37   Emily Hamilton 2:21:27
Masters Male Bryan Hipson 2:16:12 Masters Female Linda Macdonald 2:28:52
50+ Male Ray Moorehead 2:16:03 50+ Female Norma Houston 2:47:46


You can find all of the races involved here: Run Nova Scotia Performance Series.


The fine print:

  1. The Performance Series is open to all members of Run Nova Scotia. Prospective members will have a period of seven days after a race to join Run Nova Scotia and have their race result count towards the series. For example, to have a May 2nd race result count toward the member’s combined total time, the individual would need to be a confirmed member by May 9th.
  1. Prize money for open athletes is open to all ages. If an individual collects money from the open prize pool, they become ineligible to qualify for age group prizing. For purposes of the Run Nova Scotia Performance Series, to be eligible for masters or 50+ prizing, you must have attained an age of at least 40 or 50 by the first race of the Performance Series.
  1. If there is a tie in total combined time, the tie will be broken by head to head results in any races on the Performance Series that both racers finished. If this measure is insufficient to break the tie, the racer’s 10 km time will be used.
  1. For purposes of the Performance Series, a time conversion factor will be used to convert Natal Day 6 Miler results to a 10K equivalent time.
  1. If a runner has not completed at least one 5K, one 10K (or equivalent), and one half marathon from the Run Nova Scotia Performance Series, they are ineligible for prizing.

About Us

Since 1983, Run Nova Scotia has fostered and promoted road running all across Nova Scotia. From one running boom to the next, our mission has not wavered: to promote health, fitness, and camaraderie to people of all ages and abilities through the sport of road running. For close to 30 years, we’ve supported the unique needs and goals of anyone from Yarmouth to Sydney who has decided to lace up a pair of running shoes and join the thousands of other Nova Scotians running the roads.