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In 1947 a 16 year-old lad named Arnold Robertson, stepped up to the start line in Hantsport’s first annual Dick Beazley Memorial Road Race. Today, 50 years later, Arnold is still stepping up to road race start lines throughout Nova Scotia.

No one else in this province can lay claim to Arnold’s record of longevity in the sport of road running.  Over the years he has run just about every distance possible, from 1-mile up to, and including, the marathon. He has had his share of age class, and overall race victories during his lifetime, and his name appears frequently in the top all-time age class statistics, but that’s not what drives him to continue to be there race after race. One needs only to catch a glimpse of the expression on Arnold’s face, and the gleam in his eyes, as he enters the finish line chute to know that it’s the love of running that has kept him going for such an extended, and impressive, period of years. An original Run Nova Scotia member and one of our top overall supporters Arnold is joined on the roads these days by his son David, also of Hantsport, two mainstays on the road running circuit in our province.

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