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A long-time member of Run Nova Scotia as well as an avid volunteer in his community. Get to know Chris:


Why do you volunteer to be on the board of Run Nova Scotia? I volunteer to be on the RunNS Board because I felt that after getting so much from RunNS in my previous more-than-three decades of running/racing  that I could/should give something back.  Serving as RunNS Registrar is something that I am able to do from rural Lunenburg County thanks to the Internet. At the monthly RunNS Board meetings, I strive to speak on behalf of our non-HRM members; our non-elite runners; and our older members.

How long have you volunteered on the Run Nova Scotia board? I’ve volunteered on the RunNS Board for four years.

What is your favourite Run Nova Scotia series event and why? If I was asked to name a favourite RunNS Road Race Series event, I would say it was the one I was participating in at that particular moment because for me, it has always been not so much about the event but more so about the event’s participants that I’ve found to be always friendly and supportive - with just a little bit of competitiveness thrown in!

Why do you run? Almost forty years ago when I started running, it was to maintain/improve my physical fitness. While that still is a motive, I’ve since learned that (1) I truly enjoy the competition and camaraderie of races; (2) I have more energy to do other activities; and (3) I do my best thinking when I run/train!


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Since 1983, Run Nova Scotia has fostered and promoted road running all across Nova Scotia. From one running boom to the next, our mission has not wavered: to promote health, fitness, and camaraderie to people of all ages and abilities through the sport of road running. For close to 30 years, we’ve supported the unique needs and goals of anyone from Yarmouth to Sydney who has decided to lace up a pair of running shoes and join the thousands of other Nova Scotians running the roads.